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IEP. FBA. BIP. WISC. The world of special education can be an easily confused, alphabet soup of acronyms.

What should be a team process of families and educators working together to create an appropriate educational plan can sometimes devolve into unnecessary battles. Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC can help.

We take a straight-forward, 2-prong approach with special education cases. First, we seek to understand the whole child as more than just a list of test scores. Second, we aim to empower the parents or guardian with knowledge and skills that will allow them to eventually resume the leading role in advocating for their child's education.

Striving for a collaborative process that keeps the child's best interest front and center, we present data-driven decision-making options that are grounded in reseach driven best practices.

How We Can Help
  • Review current IEP
  • Review and/or Reinterpret existing pycho-educational test reports
  • Write measurable learning goals and objectives
  • Review Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Review Behavioral Intervention Plan
  • Provide data analysis of present educational plan
  • Assist in communication with IEP team
  • Attend IEP meetings in-person or remotely


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