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With experience in designing and delivering MSDE approved Continuing Education courses and speaking at national conferences, Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC possesses the expertise and talent to create engaging presentations on the following topics:

Legal Issues in Education

  • Educational records: Obtaining and understanding them
  • IEPs, "mentally deficient", and criminal culpability
  • IEPs and the juvenile justice system
  • Homeschooling regulatory compliance in Maryland
  • Determining educational neglect in homeschooling
  • Negotiating school placement during a divorce

Special and Gifted Education

  • I hate school: Addressing the social-emotional need of gifted children
  • Radical acceleration as a gifted programming option
  • Why would you want to miss the prom: Early college and the adolescent student
  • It gets better: When your gifted child comes out as gay
  • Best Fit: Finding a therapist for your gifted child
  • Twice exceptionalities and the whole child
  • IQ - or, Why a child is more than just a number
  • Diagnosing learning disabilities: More than just IQ subtest score discrepancy

General Education

  • Acquisition of reading skills
  • Teaching reading through play
  • Homeschooling 101
  • Museum educators and homeschoolers
  • Diversity compentencies: Operationalizing theory into teacher candidate assessment indicators

Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC believes that presentations and training should be hands-on and full of positive energy. Contact us today to schedule your next speaker.

How We Can Help
  • In-service training
  • Panel presentation
  • Workshops for parents and professionals
  • Instructional design support


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