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A student's education can come under legal scrutiny for a number of reasons. Children involved in foster care, divorce and custody battles, and juveniles facing criminal charges may all find the quality or placement of their education at risk.

Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC has worked with attorneys across Maryland to strengthen cases and to ensure the educational best interest of the child is preserved. Additionally, we have worked with police investigators to review and understand educational records so they can make an appropriate decisions regarding whether or not charges should be filed in a case.

Our goal is to help parents and children stay out of court, particularly in family dispute matters. However, when mediation fails, Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC has a proven track record of providing expert testimony and assisting attorneys in winning cases.

How We Can Help
  • Assistance in obtaining educational records
  • Review exisiting educational documentation
  • Provide data analysis of IEP services
  • Conduct educational evaluations
  • Identify key issues to address in court
  • Preparation of proposed witness questioning
  • Provide recommendations rooted in best practice and supported by research
  • Written report
  • Oral testimony
  • Developing mitigation testimony


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