Dynamic Educational Solution LLC



When students fail to thrive in traditional brick and mortar schools, families will often try to come up with an alternative plan. Whether it's an emergency 6-month plan or a long-term commitment to an alternative educational model, Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC helps families and schools develop unique solutions to unusual student situations.

Our team of experts specialize in both highly/profoundly gifted students as well as those with special education needs. We will work with you to understand your current concerns and future educational goals. Once students enter the middle school years, we engage them in the consultative process so that they can take ownership in meeting their learning needs.

Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC also works with small businesses, non-profits, and non-public schools to turn visions into innovative realities. Most recently, we have worked with an educational company to develop articulated objectives to guide software development by making efficient use of animation resources.

How We Can Help
  • Review and/or Reinterpret existing pycho-educational test reports
  • Develop Individualized Learning Plan
  • Determine compliance with homeschool regulations
  • Develop high school transcripts
  • Transcript analysis and verification
  • Assist in re-entry to traditional school
  • Align learning objectives to a scope and sequence
  • Develop community-based learning programs based on the resources within your facility


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