Dynamic Educational Solution LLC



Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC understands that learning does not happen in a vacuum. A student's cognitive capacity, a well as the quality of instruction relate to how well a student will succeed in school. But other factors impact learning, also. That is why we take a comprehensive look at every client case we work.

Resting on best practices backed by research and data-driven decision making, Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC helps clients understand strengthes, weaknesses, and best options for optimal educational fit.


Educational Planning

Special student populations deserve individualized educational planning. Find out how we've helped private families and small businesses throughout the world achieve their educational goals.


Special Needs

Dual diagnosis? Mis-diagnosis? Our team of medical practitioners and special educators work together to assess if a student's treatment plan is appropriate and effective.


Expert Witness

Whether you're involved in a contested divorce or a juvenile criminal proceeding, our team of expert can assist your attorney with understanding how educational issue may affect the outcome of your case.


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